Wednesday, September 30, 2009

d BirD n d Bee

Dengerin musik adalah salah satu dari sekian banyak hobby gw hehehe... gimana gak yah kerjaan gw kan emang seputar musik dan musik! sekalipun sepanjang hari gw dengerin musik tapi gw ini gak pernah bisa hafal lyric lagu! hahaha very hard!

Akhir - kahir ini gw lagi seneng dengerin lagu - lagunya The bird and The Bee. Band yang terdiri dari dua orang alias duo yang berasal dari Los Angeles.
The Bird and the Bee is an indie/Synthpop/alternative musical duo from Los Angeles, consisting of musicians Inara George ("the bird") and Greg Kurstin ("the bee"). Kurstin, a producer and keyboardist who has worked with Lily Allen, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Beck, The Flaming Lips, Kylie Minogue and Red Hot Chili Peppers, is also a member of the band Geggy Tah. George and Kurstin met while the two were working on her debut album and they decided to collaborate on a jazz-influenced electro pop project. Their debut EP, Again and Again and Again and Again, was released on October 2006 and their debut album was released on January 23, 2007 on Blue Note Records ( anda blom pernah dengerin lagu - lagu mereka, just try to listen and enjoy the songs!! my favorite song is polite dance song taken from the album please clap your hands, hmmmm very nice!!! musiknya ringan tapi harmonisasinya kuat banget and enak banget dinikmati sementara kalo lyricnya siy simply tapi juga gak gampang diterjemahkan dengan bahasa lugas ...

^^ Polite Dance Song^^
give it up for me please
put your hands in the air
if you know what's good for you
you wanna shake it like you just don't care

would you please clap your hands
now get up on your feet
i beg of you to get up and dance
it's such a crazy kick ass beat

pardon me
the music is moving
moving from left to right
for losing my cooling
losing the day to night

since i'm asking so nice
would you just entertain
there's nothing left to hide you away
just show a little bit of brain
Find More lyrics at

yes that is what i mean
that's the nail that i hit
i try to be as coy as i can
but i wanna see your naughty bit

would you please, would you please
would you, would you please

would you be nasty with me
do you like dancing with me
i think we have a very special *quality*

i want to show it to you
i want to grow it with you

penasaran??? coba dengerin aja ;-)

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