Thursday, November 5, 2009

believe or not?!?

i talk with a friend of mine this evening... talk about life! then he tries to predict bout me and my future

and he said:

Family, Society, country and civilization are better off b'coz of my tireless efforts and meticulous attention to detail. I am the pillar of society. A staunch patriot. My rewards are accomplishment, duty , love and appreciation.

My thoughts and pleasure are the creation of firm foundations upon which family and society as a whole can prosper.

My destiny as leadership. I come t his position through my own actions. Not by aggresive or dominant behavior, but by relying on my own inner strength, self reliance, and detremination. My originality and my initiative can put me in a place of authority or leadership during my lifetime.

hahaha for addition, he also said that i 'll get marry on June 2013!! Omigosh 

hehehe thank for u'r prediction!!! should i believe ??i just can't stop my laughing!

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