Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Go AbRoad!

My Name is Irene, i'll be 28 years old in few days later! am SINGLE!! hell yaa SINGLE!! and I am interested in exploring the world, but i know I'm not a rich girl with a lot of money to realise all my wishes. Okay ... forget about the money for a while! I do have a brain. I think I can use my brain to see my dreams come true. Money is something that has an important role in life, but it's not everything.

I know that I have a brain. I have the ability, and I'm sure I will be able to achieve my desires.
Starting with the scholarship, I have often spent time in front of my notebook screen looking for scholarships. I've purposely looked in Europe, because I've always wanted to set foot in Europe. I've applied for some scholarships, but haven't had any success yet!

But I'll never give up...until I get what I want! I'm sure that when we have the ability and willingness there is always a way.

Yeah am on my way to reach my dreams ...

p.s : thank much for u'r favor, baby boy ;)


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