Sunday, January 9, 2011

Please don't say Goodbye!

without knowing it, we passed these 3 days together indeed leaving a beautiful impression. Chatting until late at night accompanied by coffee but no-cigarette smoke, singing dozens of songs together along through hundreds of meters on foot. Awesome! we have really had good time.

unfortunately, we got to split up as it should. Each meeting had always had a farewell in the end. the only thing made it different was how long a togetherness would last.
I know that everybody hated to say goodbye! but We had to ...

I should have spent the yesterday night beside you having a beautiful Saturday night like many other young couple in town, but I did not come ... yeah I couldn't come to spend the night with you, hug you tight, kiss you softly while whispering 'see u next time', and watch your back behind with your feet leaving me farther away.
So ... Please ... don't say goodbye!


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