Friday, August 24, 2012

me, The Flower of Purwokerto

i got many emails from my ex BF few days latest, here... i just wanna share his email! And warn you guys: if you love someone, be bold to fight to get his/her love! do it now and don't wait until tomorrow, because tomorrow maybe can be late!
And when it's too late, the beautiful words can't take her/his back to you!!!

Here, his email for me, seems like a poem:

-The Flower of Purwokerto-

The Flower of Purwokerto.
she is a human but also like a plant.
She doesn't ask for much to shine and bloom.
Just light, some wind and water.
Light like a heart that cares for her,
wind like arms that carries her,
and love like water that nourishes her.

The Flower of Purwokerto,
treat her well and she will give you all her beauty,
will stretch to shine proud at your side.
Her outside beauty for all who can see.
But her true beauty is when you close your eyes
and listen when the wind blows and strives at her neg,
you can hear her whisper 'yes'.

The Flower of Purwokerto,
once you have her heart and she stretches
and shines at your side, she needs the water,
wind and light. Never let her without water,
walk a thousands miles for water if you need to.
Climb the highest mountain for the wind.
Reach out for the sky to have light for her every single day.

The Flower of Purwokerto,
a flower once she shined at your side,
you will miss her, if she is gone.
You will try to replace her, but you can't.
You will try to feel right, but it won't.
If she is gone, things feel wrong,
and you realize you should have walked a thousand miles,
climbed the highest mountain and reached out for the sky.

The Flower of Purwokerto,
she is a human but also like a plant.
If you ever have the chance to see her, feel great.
If you ever have the chance to hear her whispering 'Yes'
while the wind strives at her neg, fix your heart.
If you ever have the chance to see her bloom,
when see is happy, know this is it.
If you ever have the chance to carry her with you,
know it's what you want to do all your life.

The Flower of Purwokerto is called Irene.
... and this is my advice. Never let her without
water, wind and light. If you do, you will realize
that will want to walk a million miles for the water,
climb higher than any mountain for the wind,
and reach out beyond the sky up to the stars to give her light.
Because these are still small things for having the flower of Purwokerto.

For Irene,
written from a known heart that discovered Irene the flower.
Maybe unknown for writing a poems, but a known heart.
22nd August 2012 (midnight)


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  2. Hi I am Nancy.

    I like your blog. Kind of cool. Found it while searching for shoes.

    But hey I like to comment on the last post. I hope he doesn't know that you published it, as this is very deep and personal. In my life I had relationships too until I married my first boyfriend.

    If this guy is true with lines like this, you can't possibly let him go. In relationship or not. Give him a little bit hard time to proof with more action, but don't let him go. He may have made mistakes (we all do), and he is punished by his own heart with tons of regret. But it doesn't change what you and him were fallen for.

    Cheers, Nancy

    6,000 years of recorded human history read like this:
    Truth is always in our hearts,
    and its never too late for anything, as long we fight for our heart.

    It read also like this:
    Those who fouhgt and won, were those who didn't hear the referees bell who like to tell it is over.

  3. Nancy, thanks for referring this Poem.

    WOW this guy whoever he is, is one of the RARE stuff. Lucky You!
    He deserves a second chance if you ask me. You can read it... its not the usual regret stuff, its deep, unconditioned love.

    We all have BF's in life, but we're not all have someone like this. They are too rare.

    I agree with her that guys should watch out. But this one he is not of the usual BF stuff. Think twice!

    Take care, Sushana

  4. Hello I got referred to this Poem from Sush. I am 55, got 4 kids and 2 grand kids. We all make mistakes, all lose our way sometimes. As a woman I know, we often seek the next one to heal ourselves. But let me tell you, this a temp fix.

    This man who wrote this to you, may got lost for while. But he got lost for the perfect love to you.

    It's never too late for a man like this. Actually the more we deny him, the more it is a proof that we still have it in our heart, just deeper down. But we pretend not, that is our truth, as true love sometimes tests us.

    Branda (London, UK)

  5. Thanks for sending me this Poem Branda. WOW this man has a unique, beautiful and colorful heart and mind. I can only add that whatever stood between that made you Ex, forget it. With change follows the second chance. The future of you can be bright and beyond compare to envy. Thanks and cheers, Tina

  6. Thanks Sush for the link. I envy the person for whom he has written this. True, colorful and wonderful. You should not forget there is love and true love. In love is like a love-struck, but this guy is true love and rare. You feel it when you read it. Tina is right, change is followed by second chance. Amber (Sydney, Australia)

  7. thank you all for visiting and leaving comments and also some advises here.
    but I will never back to him :), because u all only know a part of this story. I follow what my heart says :)

  8. HI its Shu. Let me guess.. fallen in love and plans. Plans did not work as wanted. Disappointment you, he, both. That happens to many in first place, but its not eventually. Because plans and reasons for what you are fallen in love for are different things. Follow your heart but keep it open, even to him. Only with an open heart we can nourish our heart with the full truth to us, that makes our heart a guide. I am almost 50, and can say today, never say never. Cheers, Sush

  9. Got the link to this poem. And I see it has brought quite attention to some. Its a very deep and colorful poem, he must be in love with you like no-one else ever could. Dear I sense your comment above the poem.

    When plans get not the way we wanted to, it can be a big pain especially when love in the game. But its the wrong plan that hurts not the wrong love and I don't think that he is a guy who ever indented to mess up with you. So I sense you guys were fallen in love, had a plan and something went very wrong.

    Now it is actually a mind vs heart conflict. Mind says I am upset because you didn't do this or that, so its 'Never' again. But a heart still loves what we loved about him but we tend to ignore it now, because our mind says so. This is an artificial state of 'truth' and cannot last.

    However, Sush is right, Never say never, as life unfolds every day in new ways.


  10. Hi. If God gives his blessing, Anything can happen, regardless what we may think right now. Regards, Theresa

  11. Hi All. This is wonderful Poem. I sense there must have been rivers of tears on both sides, and it ended up for him realizing how deep his love is and with an unprecedented... Hmm well this happens around the world and it happened to me.

    Those are the moments; as women looking for unconditioned love; we got it right in front of us with a guy like this. I don't know why tears and regret often come first, before we have the heaven of the same love... However, I had the same and been married wit that guy now for 17 years and I am in heaven ever since.

    Samantha (California)

  12. Thumbs up Samantha! T.C.

  13. Hi. I'm the hubby of Samantha and probably the first male here. I give the blogger right that man suppose to be bold before the tears. But life proves different. Man's heart works sometimes stupid on the way to ultimate unconditioned love. I got Samantha, lost her, she got hooked up with a new guy for some months. Found me like the writer of this Poem. Had two choices, to live my life with a lie or with my truth. I fought for my life and Sam came back what was not easy. Ever since we are blessed with a marriage like heaven for 17 years, and that is ultimately what life is all about..... Thanx Toni

  14. Hi. Yeah love sometimes walks strange ways for the ultimate. Like Toni's. We should always keep our hearts open. Thanx Sybil


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